Modern and Tailored girls bedroom/ ORC Week 1

Guess what time it is?  It’s One Room Challenge time!

For those not familiar with the One Room Challenge (aka- ORC) it’s a biannual event (October and April) where 20 invited design bloggers makeover a room in six crazy filled weeks and blog about the process every Wednesday.  I’ll be joining in on the fun as a Guest participant and will be sharing my crazy process and journey every Thursday for the next six (really five) weeks, along with a number of other talented designers. Trust me when I say that if you need inspiration for an upcoming home makeover or just need some eye candy you need not look any further then all the talented designers linking up on the ORC. orc-black

If you are new to my blog -Hello and welcome! I’m Jana Donohoe, a full time interior designer, half time blogger (I really only blog when I do the ORC), wife and mama to 3 beautiful kiddos in North Carolina. I’m really excited to be participating again as a guest in my third One Room Challenge! I sat out for the spring makeover but I was cheering all the participants on the entire way. I honestly almost sat this one out as well which is why I’m posting a couple day’s late. I decided late last night to just go for it! I’m really busy with work and life but if I don’t make time to do it, it will never get done. Plus, this time it’s for a special little someone and I won’t disappoint her! Thank you to Linda of Calling it Home for organizing and creating this event so that I have an excuse to actually make time to work on my own home!

ORC-Girls room



For this challenge I will be redoing my daughter’s room.  A little back story here: When my son was born 4 years ago we took both our guest rooms and gave each girl their own room. It was a lot of shuffling, painting and transitioning from two children to three. As it turned out I did a lot of extra work for nothing because my middle child never transitioned into her own room, she continued to sleep with her older sister in her room. So we turned the unused room into the play room which worked out nicely to throw all the toys….. shut the door and ignore the mess, right! But as the girls get older (now almost 11 and 8) I can see the importance of having their own space to retreat to, even if only temporary. So I will be moving the playroom to the basement and recreating a bedroom for my middle child that will be fit for a girly girl growing up, way to fast if I might add!

The Before (Playroom version)

Before Playroom






















Before playroom























It’s not a huge space but enough to make it her own.  The good news is I have a few furniture pieces that I will be re-purposing. The bad news is I have a lot of toy moving in my future. :/  I have 100% collaborated with my daughter/client and we have put together a little mood board for the overall look/scheme that we are going for in the space.  She is really excited to see it come together, and I am really excited to be able to do this for her. I usually like to find some inspiration photos that inspire me but this time my daughter is my inspiration. (sniff, sniff). I love my kiddos!


ORC Mood Board


The running to-do list
  • Clear out room
  • Paint walls and ceiling-TBD on color- but ceiling will be getting a color
  • Possibly add crown molding
  • Purchase a new area rug
  • Purchase a daybed 
  • Purchase fabric and hardware to make drapes
  • Paint existing night stands
  • Purchase a new light fixture
  • Reupholster ottoman
  • Reupholster desk/vanity bench
  • Get creative with some storage options
  • find and Purchase a dresser
  • Find and purchase accessories
  • Surprise her with a special area she can do her art (she loves to draw)
  • Stay stress free for the next 5 weeks…lol. A girl can dream right?!


I’m so excited to get this project going and completed in the next 5 weeks. I can’t wait to see what everyone else is doing as well! Please stop by next week (Thursday) to see what’s going down or up in the Donohoe house! You can also follow along with me on INSTAGRAM to see progress and behind the scene peeks, be sure to check instagram stories too. Don’t forget to check out the other linking participants HERE.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next week.





Jana Donohoe



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