ORC-Week 4 -Refinishing hardwood floors

ORC-Girls room

If you are new to my blog -Hello and welcome! I’m Jana Donohoe, a full time interior designer, half time blogger (I really only blog when I do the ORC), wife and mama to 3 beautiful kiddos in North Carolina. I’m really excited to be participating again as a guest in my third One Room Challenge! Thank you to Linda of Calling it Home for organizing and creating this event so that I have an excuse to actually make time to work on my own home!

For those not familiar with the One Room Challenge (aka- ORC) it’s a biannual event (October and April) where 20 invited design bloggers makeover a room in six crazy filled weeks and blog about the process every Wednesday.  I’ll be joining in on the fun as a Guest participant and will be sharing my crazy process and journey every week for the next six weeks, along with a number of other talented designers. Trust me when I say that if you need inspiration for an upcoming home makeover or just need some eye candy you need not look any further then all the talented designers linking up on the ORC.


As always the weeks seem to be flying by and here we are on week 4 already!  On week 4 (speaking from previous experience) panic starts to set in because in reality we only have a little over a week to get everything done, have the room photographed, then allow time to get proofs back and then post on our “reveal day”.  This year however for the first time ever we have been gifted an extra week…sigh of relief and a big thank you to Linda.  So the new reveal date will be November 16th.

This week we had the hardwood floors refinished. Anyone that has ever gotten their floors refinished knows its a several day process. On Monday the floors were sanded and the stain color went on. After several custom blends we settled on one. Normally stains aren’t overly complicated but we have Brazilian mahogany  in most of our house. Genevieve’s room is red oak a completely different species that does not have the variation of mahogany. So I’m trying to blend the two as much as possible with the color. Now, I could have gone back with carpet but I’m really not a big fan of it for kids spaces and believe it or not refinishing was less expensive!

Tuesday the first coat of poly went on and Thursday the 2nd coat of poly went on. So now I need to let the floors air out. Usually you need a good week or so of airing out before you are suppose to put any furnishings and rugs down. A whole two weeks dedicated just to refinishing hardwood floors…see what that does to one’s timeline?

Here is an updated photo with the floors refinished.


In addition to having the floors refinished this week I also found a dresser for my girl on craigslist. I was really starting to worry I was not going to find one in time for the reveal. If I would have ordered one it could have taken up to 4 weeks to get here. Luckily I think this one worked perfectly with our scheme. It’s a Young America by Stanley dresser in a light blush pink. It’s in great condition and I plan of replacing the knobs with something a little more stylish and girly.

In addition to getting this dresser, the day bed and rug got delivered. Yay! So I’ve got all the big items checked off, now I just need to start putting it all together….just as soon as I don’t have to hold my breath in her room from the poly smell.


I think I forgot to show you guys the general color scheme in the last couple posts. I guess better late then never, 🙂

Genevieve's Bedroom

The running to-do list
  • Clear out room
  • Paint walls and ceiling
  • Add crown molding
  • Repair baseboard
  • Purchase a new area rug
  • Purchase a daybed 
  • Purchase fabric and hardware to make drapes
  • Refinish hardwood floors
  • Paint existing night stands
  • Paint existing vanity/desk
  • Purchase a new light fixture
  • Reupholster ottoman /Purchase new storage ottoman
  • Reupholster desk/vanity bench
  • Get creative with some storage options
  • find and Purchase a dresser
  • Find and purchase accessories
  • Surprise her with a special area she can do her art (she loves to draw)
  • Stay stress free for the next 3 weeks…lol. A girl can dream right?!

I’m so excited to get this project completed in the next few weeks and get my house back to normal. My living room is currently my storage room for all her bedroom furniture! I can’t wait to see how everyone else is doing as well! Please stop by next week (Thursday) to see what’s going down or up in the Donohoe house! You can also follow along with me on INSTAGRAM to see progress and behind the scene peeks, be sure to check instagram stories too. Don’t forget to check out the other linking participants HERE.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next week.


Jana Donohoe


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