ORC- Week 5-Moving forward

ORC-Girls room

If you are new to my blog -Hello and welcome! I’m Jana Donohoe, a full time interior designer, part time blogger, wife and mama to 3 beautiful kiddos in North Carolina. I’m really excited to be participating again as a guest in my third One Room Challenge! Thank you to Linda of Calling it Home for organizing and creating this event so that I have an excuse to actually make time to work on my own home!

For those not familiar with the One Room Challenge (aka- ORC) it’s a biannual event (October and April) where 20 invited design bloggers makeover a room in six crazy filled weeks and blog about the process every Wednesday.  I’ll be joining in on the fun as a Guest participant and will be sharing my crazy process and journey every week for the next six weeks, along with a number of other talented designers. Trust me when I say that if you need inspiration for an upcoming home makeover or just need some eye candy you need not look any further then all the talented designers linking up on the ORC.



Week 5 updates and moving forward:

This week I reclaimed my living room. Yes!! No more bedroom furniture in there. It was driving me insane and I doubt I could have made it another week without totally losing my sanity. Did I mention I am allergic to clutter? Anyway, I moved everything back in the bedroom and now starting to put things in order. I think Genevieve is starting to get excited about her room! I was putting her new knobs on her dresser and she came in with 00hs and awes.  This is one of my favorite times in the design process because the client (in this case my daughter) can start to see the vision of the space come to life.

I finally ordered her over head light this week. I honestly could not decide what to put in there. After consulting with my little client we decided on this beauty from Crystorama. I’m really anxious for it to get here and hope we have enough time to get it installed before the reveal.

Speaking of lighting- I ordered this sweet lamp while I was at High Point Furniture Market and it came this week. Yay! So at least I have a lamp in the room.


Here is an actual picture of the lamp. Excuse the bad photography I don’t have much light in the room currently.  You can also see the adorable knobs I found at Land of Nod.

Finishing touches

Since the furniture is in place, it’s all about the finishing touches. The drapes and bed canopy are still in the work room. I’m hoping to get them this next week- fingers crossed. Also, need to paint the vanity and the nightstand(s).  I think I will only be able to use one night stand now, due to space constraints. And I still haven’t purchased bedding yet either, that will be on my shopping list along with some accessories this week. Oh, and I need to paint the bed canopy crown that I purchased from Etsy that I received this week as well.  Lots of small details to come to bring the room together for little miss.



The running to-do list
  • Clear out room
  • Paint walls and ceiling
  • Add crown molding
  • Repair baseboard
  • Buy a new area rug
  • Purchase a daybed 
  • Buy fabric and hardware to make drapes
  • Refinish hardwood floors
  • Order bedding
  • Paint existing night stands
  • Paint existing vanity/desk
  • Purchase a new light fixture
  • Reupholster ottoman /Purchase new storage ottoman
  • Reupholster desk/vanity bench
  • Get creative with some storage options
  • find and Purchase a dresser
  • Find and purchase accessories
  • Surprise her with a special area she can do her art (she loves to draw)
  • Stay stress free for the next 2 weeks…lol.

Most of all I’m so excited to finish this room for my little miss so she has a place to call her own.  Please stop by next week (Thursday) to see what’s going down or up in the Donohoe house! You can also follow along with me on INSTAGRAM to see progress and behind the scene peeks, be sure to check instagram stories too. Don’t forget to check out the other linking participants HERE.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next week.


Jana Donohoe

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