Design Consultation $195

At Jana Donohoe Designs every project begins with an initial 1 ½ hour design consultation. It is our belief that one’s living environment impacts everyday quality of life, and as such we strive to provide a living space that is a source of inspiration as well as accommodation. Form and function are given equal measure, combined elegantly for maximum efficiency and visual aesthetic.

During the initial consultation we work together to understand your project goals, timeline and budget. Whether you are in need of DIY project ideas, paint colors, or are simply overwhelmed with choices for an upcoming renovation, our initial consultation lays the groundwork for a successful, satisfying project.

If, upon completion of the initial consultation you decide to retain our services, we will prepare a detailed proposal outlining our scope of work and project fees.

Designed in a Day $895

This fast paced-option provides you with 5 hours of one on one time. You will receive a guide on how to prep for the day in order to fully maximize time spent with Jana. This preparation will include such things having fabric and finishes samples on hand as well as a basic overview of the project’s scope and intent. Upon completion of the day you will have a “blueprint” for taking the project from inception to completion.

A limited number of spots are available each month and fill up quickly.

New Construction

One of the hardest tasks for individuals in the process of building a home is sorting through the multitude of finish choices available to them through their respective builder. Of particular concern is ensuring that individual finish choices are woven together to create a seamless and complimentary whole that fully captures the homeowner’s grand vision. Jana has over 12 years of experience working closely with clients and their builder to ensure every exacting detail is met with respect to the style and function of the home. Inquire for quote

Full Service Design

Full service design is our most comprehensive option, providing a turn-key solution for homeowners that are seeking to minimize the hassle of renovation. After an initial consultation, the homeowner turns full execution of the project over to Jana Donohoe Designs. We’ll quickly move from design concept through development, presentation, product procurement and installation. A consistent dialogue is maintained throughout to ensure all your specifications are being met, any involvement beyond this is strictly voluntary! Inquire for quote