Warm up beside these amazing fireplaces!

Warm up beside these amazing fireplaces!

Since I can’t get enough of my fireplace this week. I thought it would be a great time to look at fireplace designs. It doesn’t seem to matter where we live in the country from Florida to New York to Washington the idea of a fireplace is always on people must have’s for a home. It’s actually ranked in the top 10 things home buyers wish for when buying a new home. There is just something so lovely and cozy about them.

Simple, Clean and Modern fireplace. I love the warmth (not literally-but I’m sure the homeowner does) that it brings to this room.

Traditional in Toronto. I love the wood paneling details mixed with the neutral mosaic tile. This is the timeless classic appeal I gravitate to.

A great Mid Century modern look. The pop of orange is fantastic it really brings that layer of drama to this room.

Did you think I forgot the outdoor fireplaces? They are perfect for the cool spring and fall nights in this southern climate.

If you love the coastal style… which I do. This is a great example.

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