Our Mission: To Create a Little Joy

It sounds like an overpromise, but it’s really not. It’s wild how those small anxieties can affect your life—and how you may no longer even notice them.

Has your nice white sofa turned your living room into No City, Population: No One? No juice, no wine, no cuddling with the shedding pup? There’s a performance fabric that will welcome everyone back with open arms.

Do you have to pull five things out of the cabinet before getting to your blender? There’s a storage solution that can turn you into one of those people casually sipping a fresh juice—no big deal.

And of course, being bored is a mood-killer. A little color can change everything.

Our Founder: Jana Donohoe

Jana Donohoe

With over a decade in the industry, Jana has lived experience and serious expertise.

She also holds a B.A. in Interior Design and was recently voted one of the top one-hundred designer influencers by Modenus Media.

She is dedicated to providing smart, livable, down-to-earth designs that simply make life more beautiful.

THE WORLD in Color

Striking palettes exist everywhere. A few places where we’ve found inspiration in the wild:

“Her ability to envision a project and then bring it to fruition is impressive."

Carri P. / Client

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