New Construction Denver Co Jana Donohoe

There’s nothing like getting in on the ground floor. New construction can be overwhelming with its limitless options, mountains of decisions, and high margin for error—but blank slates are our specialty. We can turn all that anxiety into excited anticipation.

We’ll start with a consultation, then share a roadmap for the project, and ensure we’re completely aligned. We love being part of a team—we’ll start collaborating with your architect and contractor the second we’re introduced.

Our design concepts deliver vibrant beauty that’s built to last.

Everything we share will have been reviewed from every angle. We want it to be breathtakingly gorgeous—that goes without saying—but each element also needs to genuinely support your healthiest, happiest life.

Color is so important. It’s the reason why getting outside and experiencing nature feels so good—and it can be a defining factor in how we feel at home.

Storage is a game-changer. It’s so much easier to keep a clean, collected space when everything has a place to live. It’s really one of those hidden sources of joy to have your olive oil perched perfectly by your range.

Performance fabrics and finishes forever. Your sofa should not give you anxiety. Have a glass of red wine and unwind knowing we’ve thought of every way you’ll use (and occasionally abuse) your space.

"Jana took advantage of each and every inch of space available. She has her own very unique ideas that she brings to each project and decorates tastefully with rich qualities."

Tashayla / Client

"When I first met her for the initial consultation, I knew she was up to the task. She stayed within the budget and stuck to the time frame."

Russell / Client

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