One Room Challenge | Dining room delight | Week 2

One Room Challenge | Dining room delight | Week 2

Hello and welcome to week 2 of the fall 2018 One Room Challenge.

If you are new to my blog, I’m so happy you are here!  This fall I will be participating in my 5th One Room Challenge as a guest participant. You can catch up on my room from week one here.

The One Room Challenge is a bi-annual event where interior designers, bloggers and design enthusiasts participate in transforming a space of their choice and blog about it every week for 6 short weeks. Twenty featured designers share their progress every Wednesday and guest participants share every Thursday.  I’m honestly so happy that Linda started this event for people like me who needed a little motivation and swift kick in the pants to get rooms completed in their own homes. (although you can certainly work on someone else’s home too!)

Dining Room Delight.png

This fall I’ve decided to tackle my formal dining room. My plan is freshen up the space and make it a little more comfortable and casual. The goal is to use it more than twice a year!

Between my recent trip to Europe and leaving for High Point Market today. Planning this room has been a time challenge. If you read my previous post you know this was my plan B option, so I’m a little late on the planning stages of this room. The next 5 weeks are certainly going to be a challenge getting this done!

Here is a refresher of what my dining room looked like to start.


Here is the room all cleared out and ready to be prepped and painted. It’s may be hard to tell from this picture but the walls above the molding are textured. I’m planning on wallpapering the walls. In order to properly prep for the wallpaper they will require an extra level of prepping to include scraping the texture and skim coating with mud to smooth out. Things are going to get dusty and I’m not looking forward to the mess. :/


The only thing I am committed to keeping in this room is my dining table. It’s a beautiful rosewood and I adore the grain pattern on the top. The rug is on the maybe list. It’s definitely staying somewhere in my house. My husband bought this hand knotted rug during one of his many deployments in Iraq so it’s got sentimental value.

I plan on replacing the dining chairs (hopefully). My biggest challenge here is finding something of good quality that I can get in a few short weeks. I would normally have ordered custom chairs in exactly the finish and fabric I wanted but that takes around 6-8 weeks. Time I don’t have. I’m not willing to sacrifice quality for time’s sake so I’m hoping I can score some HP market samples or find something that one of my preferred vendors has in stock like the one below. Let me know if you attend HP market and spot any chairs you think I would love.

I’ve really been very indecisive on what color direction I wanted to take in here. I’m happy to report I’ve finally settled on black and white (is anyone surprised by this? ) as the foundation with pops of emerald green and navy as accents.

So here is the basic idea of what my room will comprise of.

The Tentative Plan

The Tentative Plan

That’s all for today, I’ve got to get on the road to High Point Market. See you all next week for my week three update.

Thank you all for stopping by today! I hope you all are enjoying following along as I freshen up my dining room for the #OneRoomChallenge. You can follow along too on Instagram, on the tag, #oneroomchallenge or #ORC, online. 

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I’d love to hear from you, drop a comment below and let me know what you like best about my tentative plan.

Thank you!

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