One Room Challenge Spring 18: First Impressions- Week 5

One Room Challenge Spring 18: First Impressions- Week 5

Holy cow, it’s week 5. That also means the last few working days are here of the one room challenge (insert small panic attack that I’m having right now). 

Honestly though, panic attack aside, this week has been huge in getting work completed. I finally got to check off some of those BIG items on my check list, yay! But just as I celebrate those victories I also had several bumps in the road -that are preventing me to fully break out in dance. Wondering what some of those bumps are? Check out my stories or ORC highlights in Instagram. (Link at end of post)

Check out week  one , twothree and four here to get up to date on my ORC adventures if you are just joining in on the fun. 


First ImpressionsFoyer and Hallway.png

Last week my foyer and hallway had not been painted yet. I’m happy to report Its painted and absolutely beautiful. The moulding work looks magical all dressed up! Is it possible that this might be my favorite space (besides my office) in my whole house?    

Y’all know I’m a sucker for black and white….


In addition to painting this week I also had my new front door and side lites installed on Tuesday. Approximately 15 minutes after installation they also got painted. Remember when I said this was going to be “a mad dash to the finish line”? I clearly was not joking. 🙂 

The glass front door is taking some getting used to. Only because when I see all the light flooding in, I think one of my kids left the door open. Ha ha. I 1000% love the amount of light I am getting in my foyer and into my hallway now!! The style turned out just perfect for us. To keep the foyer light and airy I kept the interior door color the same Sherwin Williams Pure White as the walls and trim. 

I also opted to keep my original door frame and only replace the door and side lites which was a cost savings of around $700.  Yay, for saving money!  


Here is the (not a great picture) exterior side of the front door. I choose Sherwin Williams Commodore to paint the door, side lites and frame. This helps unify the front door and side lites as one large unit. It also helps it look much grander than it actually is. Hey, this is about first impressions after all. 



I will be totally honest with you all, I had some major doubts about the wallpaper last night.  I was worried that it might become overly busy or detract from all the beautiful moulding. My gut was saying “go for it” you need that layer of texture to complete the overall look but my head was full of doubt. Two glasses of wine later and it was all DO it.  

So… this happened this morning. Stupid doubt was so wrong – I LOVE it. When my kids got home they were all oohs and ahhs. My 8 yr old daughter even said “it feels like we are in a really really nice hotel!” I’ll take that as a -I like it- compliment!

……I wonder if this will help them hurry down the hallway to bed now? 



See, I had some really good progress this week. Now it’s time for all the finishing touches. I have received most of the art for the hallway and may need to add a few more pieces that I will look for this weekend. 

The bad news is I currently have nothing for my foyer. I ordered a chest that seems to be MIA and my mirror that I ordered has arrived in pieces twice now. Maybe third time is a charm, if it gets here in time! 

I still need to spruce up my front porch and find some plants for my new modern pots that should arrive tomorrow. I also still need to tackle organizing my craft and linen closets. 



The photographer is scheduled for Tuesday morning which means I have 4 days left to get everything pulled together. Now- I have to go because I need every minute these next few days to complete this project. 

Be sure to check out the other great participants posts here this weekend. 

Thank you all for reading! I appreciate you and hope you will enjoy following along as I show you step by step the process I am going through to redo my hallway and foyer for the #OneRoomChallenge. You can follow along too! 

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