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Hello and Happy Thursday everyone!

Welcome to week FOUR of the One Room Challenge. If you missed my previous weeks post you can catch up below.

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I am re-doing my oldest daughters bedroom to a more vibrant tween-age haven. I’m calling it a Kate Spade meets Lilly Pulitzer inspired makeover. The last few weeks have been moving pretty slowly. I have 10 days left before the photographer shows up and full on panic mode is starting to set in.

The good news is the hardwood floors finally got sanded and refinished with a new stain color to closely match the rest of my house. The first coat of poly went on today. That needs to dry for approx. 24 hrs then they will put on a final poly coat. We are probably looking at Monday before we are able to walk back in her room.

I think this sums it up!

I think this sums it up!

Meanwhile my house smells a bit fumy. It might be making me a bit loopy too. This morning I attempted to put coffee on my kids cereal. Oh wait! I think that’s just motherhood. Well, I’m going to blame it on the fumes for now. LOL!

And just so everyone knows, I’m making jokes about the fumes but I do take them seriously. All of my kids are camping out in my room (fume free) while the smell dissipates.

Luckily, we have had gorgeous weather in the 80’s this week. So, I have been able to open my windows and air out the house. I LOVE sun shine and fresh air!

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Another small step toward the finish line this week was getting the painting done. Well almost! The ceiling, crown molding, and baseboards are pretty much done. A few touch ups here and there that will need to be done after the floors are dry and we can walk on them again.

If you have been watching my IG stories you know that the closet doors got a fresh new coat of hot pink paint. Which had to all be undone the next day. My husband and I went to remove the doors from the bedroom so we could change the old painted hinges. I accidentally scraped the door with my fingernail and the paint immediately scraped right off. Exposing the white underneath the hot pink.

If you don’t know what this means. Basically the paint did not bond to the door and will only continue to peel off. UGH!

One step forward, two steps back! I’ve had this happen before so I knew what needed to happen. A high speed oil based primed needed to be applied. Once the primer sets you can paint over it with either oil or latex paint. I usually use latex paint in my house.

Example of paint sliding/peeling.

Example of paint sliding/peeling.

Success, the first coat of hot pink paint went on (again) today and I’m happy to report it boned well to the primer. No more sliding/peeling paint! Will keep y’all posted on the next two coats.


There it is week 4 is complete. I was hoping to make a little more headway then the previous weeks but I’ll TAKE little progress over NO progress. Week 5 is going to be filled with some late nights followed by a flat out sprint to the week 6 reveal. Stayed tuned, I have a feeling week 5 is going to be filled with lots of updates.

I’m anxiously waiting for the wallpaper to be installed and some of the furniture and accessories are starting to arrive.

My check list looks something like this now:

  • Clean out bedroom ✔

  • Add Crown Molding ✔

  • Refinish oak hardwood floors✔

  • Painting ceiling and trim ✔

  • Order Wallpaper ✔

  • Install Wallpaper

  • New ceiling light fixture ✔

  • Install Light fixture

  • New Lamps✔

  • New bedding

  • New Window Treatments (In workroom)

  • New artwork ✔

  • New desk ✔

  • Desk Chair ( I might revamp a side chair I already own)

  • New night stand ✔

  • Shelving for storage

  • Organize closets

  • Possible new bed frame with storage

Join me next week and please subscribe to my blog now if you haven’t done it already to follow along and watch for my weekly progress posts in your inbox. Be sure to follow along with my Instagram and Facebook stories for behind the scenes sneak peeks.

Also, please check out some of the other participants this challenge. Some really great rooms are being transformed.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my posts and leave me your comments. I appreciate it!

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