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GULP! Cue into anxiety now. Only ONE week left to reveal day.

I’m not sure how it happened but we just completed week five out of six for the One Room Challenge. Week five has a sneaky way of creeping up on you and before you know it, poof it’s gone! If only I had a magic wand to go back a week, I would feel a lot better about my current state. But, I’m not Harry Potter and I don’t have a magic wand.

This ORC has been hands down the hardest one for me to date. Between my client load and lack of quick design decisions, I am behind the curve, but I feel optimistic I will catch up this weekend.

Catch up on the last four weeks here. I might need a recap too.

Week One | Week Two | Week Three | Week Four

Let me tell you that week 5 has been one fiasco after another. It all started on Sunday when my drapery workroom contacted me to let me know that my fabric for the draperies had not been delivered. I assumed my fabric had arrived the previous week along with my trim that I ordered at the same time, from the same company. NOPE. I should have never assumed. I completely dropped the ball. After that news, I decided to check on my second fabric I ordered. This fabric was a contrast fabric on my drapes that I was going to use for a band detail and some decorative pillows. The two words designers never want to see, popped up on my screen. Back Ordered! Not what I wanted to see on a tight timeline, mush less when I have one week before the room is to be photographed!

Monday rolled around and I’m like now what do I? Throw my hands up in the air? No-way! I’m determined to figure this out. I re-selected some fabrics, called my Fabric company, ordered new fabric and was able to ship it overnight to my workroom-YESSSSSSSS, I’m back in business.

My (wonder women) workroom is working her magic to get these beautiful drapes to me by this weekend. Thank You a bazillion times over!!

A little sneak peek at the new fabric selection. I thinks it’s going to be so cute!

girls drapery fabric

As the celebration (or anxiety) was winding down about my drapes. I realized that my light fixture had not yet arrived. I had the electrician scheduled for Wednesday morning and yet I had no light.

I already knew what this meant but I had to confirm my fears. TWO words…..

BACK ORDERED! Arggg! Not due to arrive until 5/26. Hmm, well that is not going to work!

My daughter really had her heart set on this one. She said it reminded her of feathers and made a nice pairing with our flamingos. I was willing to wait for it!

Here is the original selection.


The good new is, they did have the same fixture in this antique silver finish, that was in stock. It’s not my first finish choice (obviously) but we need a light and this will still be beautiful.Daughter approved and is still happy!

Broche Antique Silver.jpg

Real Progress

Everyone do the flamingo dance! Or just a happy dance will do.

The wallpaper was finally installed on Wednesday. I don’t care if anything else gets done in this room. The wallpaper is absolutely PERFECT and looks amazing in the bedroom.

It looks so good in fact, now all my children want wallpaper in their rooms!!

Flamingo wallpaper

In addition to the wallpaper getting installed, the night stands, desk, art, lamps and bedding have all arrived this week. I do have the majority of the items going into this room now. I still need to work on some detail items and will shop local for those this weekend.

lamps plus lamps with flamingo wallpaper

Before, I can officially move everything back in my daughters room I have to work on touching up the paint in the closets, the moulding and the pink closet doors. Did I mention my painter/handyman had a death in his family and had to leave the country. Yep, one more thing to my never ending check list.

I’m rolling with the punches, although I’d rather be rolling with my homies. ( I have a strange desire to go watch Clueless now! LOL)

My check list looks something like this now:

  • Clean out bedroom ✔

  • Add Crown Molding ✔

  • Refinish oak hardwood floors✔

  • Painting ceiling and trim ✔

  • Order Wallpaper ✔

  • Install Wallpaper ✔

  • New ceiling light fixture ✔

  • Install Light fixture

  • New Lamps✔

  • New bedding ✔

  • New Window Treatments (In workroom)

  • New artwork ✔

  • New desk ✔

  • Desk Chair

  • New night stand ✔

  • Shelving for storage

  • Organize closets

  • Touch up painting

  • Paint existing dresser

  • Get it together

  • Find time to sleep ( well I did fall asleep one time while I was writing this post)

  • Professional Photography

  • Drink Wine

  • See you all here next week for the BIG reveal

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I’ll see you next week and please subscribe to my blog now if you haven’t done it already to follow along and watch for my reveal post. Be sure to follow along with my Instagram and Facebook stories for behind the scenes sneak peeks.

Also, please check out THE FEATURED designers and the guest participants this challenge. Some really great rooms are being transformed

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my posts and leave me your comments. I appreciate it!

Jana Donohoe, ASID
Fayetteville, North Carolina

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Comments (16)
  • Libbie
    | 3 May 2019

    OOOh, that wallpaper is so so good!

    • Jana Donohoe
      | 10 May 2019

      Hi Libbie! Yes its all about the wallpaper. We LOVE it!

  • Sheri Bruneau
    | 4 May 2019

    Oh boy, Jana! What a week but I have full confidence in you that it will all be pulled together. I can’t wait to see your transformation!

    • Jana Donohoe
      | 10 May 2019

      Thank you Sheri! It was a painful week but we survived! Check out the transformation when you get a minute, it is live now. 🙂

  • Julie
    | 4 May 2019

    Oh my gosh! Something similar happened when I participated in ORC last fall- the mirror I had ordered was on back order until late November! Apparently there was a huge typhoon that shut the factories down for several months! I feel your pain! Sounds like you got the problem solved! Great designers are great problem solvers!

    • Jana Donohoe
      | 10 May 2019

      Hi Julie
      Yes we are problem solvers before we are designers, huh!! LOL Sometimes things are just out of your control and you have to roll with it. Did you do the ORC this spring?

  • Lisa Peck
    | 4 May 2019

    What a fun bedroom this is going to be! May every resource you need be at your disposal this week.

    • Jana Donohoe
      | 10 May 2019

      Thank you so much Lisa! I really appreciate it.

  • Claire
    | 4 May 2019

    Haha yes, the dreaded words ‘back ordered’. I hear you. Love that wallpaper with the flamingos and been following along on IG stories. Can’t wait to see the final reveal!

    • Jana Donohoe
      | 10 May 2019

      HI Claire!
      It’s all about the flamingos. We are all loving the wallpaper at my house. Thanks for following along on IG!

  • Janet Lorusso
    | 4 May 2019

    Love the wallpaper! You are doing great rolling with the ‘backorder’ nightmares! Never a dull moment in the design biz?! Looking forward to seeing the big reveal!

    • Jana Donohoe
      | 10 May 2019

      Hi Janet- You are right, there is never a dull moment in this business. LOL. The final reveal is live now, and it all turned out.

  • Linda Merrill
    | 4 May 2019

    I’m sure it will be so beautiful when it’s all done. That wallpaper is amazing!

    • Jana Donohoe
      | 10 May 2019

      Hi Linda-Thanks you so much. Yes the wallpaper is everything!

  • Deborah Main
    | 5 May 2019

    Oh Jana, I feel your pain!!! You are NOT alone!

    My #1 choice for the Roman Shades, a vintage fabric from Canada, did NOT arrive in time. I was on the edge of my seat from Thurs to Sat waiting for it, until I reached a very kind postal person who explained the reality of it getting held up in customs. This meant on Sat, just 4 days before my photo shoot, my seamstress and I had to decide new fabric and she needed to see and install it all in 3 days.

    In the end, the fabric I chose did NOT work, I tried not to have a melt down, and we went with a combo we already had on hand. Internally I obsessed that I was going to have TY to stare at fabric I didnt like, but it worked out just fine. Talk about stress!! As I said, I can totally relate to how you felt.

    Excellent post describing the punch out list. Hang in there. You’re on the home stretch. Will now go and be sure to follow you on Insta. Can’t wait to see your room!!! 💙

    • Jana Donohoe
      | 10 May 2019

      Thank you Deborah! Sometimes when things don’t go our original way,and we have to pivot- I like to call those happy accidents. The end result ends up being better then we thought!

      Good luck on your challenge, I’m heading over to check it out!

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