One Room Challenge Spring ’18: First Impressions- Week 4

One Room Challenge Spring ’18: First Impressions- Week 4

I can’t believe it’s week 4 of the one room challenge. That means we only have 2 weeks left (but not really because I have to get the project photographed prior to the final post). Oh boy! Let me fill you in on what’s happening or lack there of. 

 If you are just joining in on the excitement you can catch up on week one , two  and three here.

First ImpressionsFoyer and Hallway (2).png

Unfortunately, I don’t have much to report from last weeks post.  The only update this week that was completed was adding some additional lights down my hallway.  This was however the best last minute change I could have made! I had my electrician add two additional lights in my bowling alley of a hallway.  Instead of the flush mounts I spec’s last week I opted for recessed can lights. I think ultimately this will be a cleaner look down the hallway. 

Thank goodness my electrician ROCKS and could get me can lights in the first place. My walls and ceilings consist of a wire mesh and layers of plaster. Getting thru the plaster not a big deal, getting thru metal mesh…a bit more challenging. 

See how much more light we have now! 

See how much more light we have now! 

Currently we are at a stand still on the project until the painting is completed. Monday is going to be the magical day to start working toward our end goal again. My new front door is also suppose to come in Monday as well. 

In the meantime I have been planning the organization of my closets. But again I can’t organize them quite yet because they need painted first. 

Let’s take a look at some simple solutions for my linen closet. Honestly I don’t need much for this space. A couple sheet and blanket bins, a good cleaning and a nice fresh scent. I’ll be good to go! My personal favorite scent is the peppermint lavender linen spray. (see below) 

BEFORE: Ya, it needs some attention. It was neat at one point though :/ 

BEFORE: Ya, it needs some attention. It was neat at one point though :/ 

Linen Closet Storage.png

I’m really excited to get these sheet bins…ok I might just be really excited to label them! 🙂 The large blanket dust bin will help me with the larger comforters that won’t fit properly on the shelves. The icing on the cake for every linen closet should be a smell good product. These are essential! Check out this peppermint lavender spray and lavender satchel.  


The craft closet will take a little more organizing and figuring out. My kids get in this closet often so I need simple, easy solutions for them to get what they need and also put items away. Super excited for the gift wrap organizer (below)!

BEFORE: A challenge because it's such a deep closet. 

BEFORE: A challenge because it’s such a deep closet. 

Craft Closet Organization.png

Find these awesome organizing products below! 


Want more ideas and tips on organizing and spring cleaning? Be sure to check out my upcoming post this weekend all about spring organizing. 

That’s all I have for this week. Hopefully week 5 will be full of progress. Be sure to check out the other great participants posts here this weekend. 

Thank you all for reading! I appreciate you and hope you will enjoy following along as I show you step by step the process I am going through to redo my hallway and foyer for the #OneRoomChallenge. You can follow along too! 

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