Summer Vacation Time Is Here!

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Can you believe it’s already July? I can’t either. It’s been such a busy year so far for my husband and I. I am so ready for our family vacation with our children!

Soon, we’re headed out to San Diego and then up to eastern Oregon where we’ll be visiting my family. This is a first for us, as we’ve normally spent our summers at our beach house in Kure Beach, North Carolina, but earlier this year, we sold it as it got to be too much to manage as their school activities and our work loads increased.

We really enjoyed it there, though, and have a lot of happy memories of time spent on this front porch with our children.

Rocking Chair On The Porch at Kure Beach

We’ll be picking up Scarlet from camp shortly, and then we’ll be on our way. She’s been having a great time, although she misses the comforts of her bedroom at home that we recently re-did (see below). We miss her and can’t wait to have her back with us.

Do some of you, my fellow Moms, feel the same way when your kids go off to camp??

Summer Camp North Carolina

Tip: making your children’s bedrooms as reflective of their tastes, and as comfortable and inviting as possible for them is not a bad idea….

If you missed the final reveal post and would like to see her entire room, click here.

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It was hard for us to choose which San Diego Airbnb we wanted to stay in! I was surprised how beautifully designed so many of them were. It’s clear that design is THE differentiating factor now in where people decide to stay.

Here are two Airbnb’s in San Diego that we considered.

Luxury Airbnb San Diego

Best luxury airbnb kitchen in San Diego

Which one do you think looks more like a place where our kids would feel at home and be comfortable?

If I were designing a luxury Airbnb for a client of mine, (which I would love to do), I would definitely keep in mind how important it would be for me to design it for the traveler my client wanted to attract, as these photos are all they will have to pull people in for bookings.

As I mentioned earlier, after San Diego we will head up to eastern Oregon to visit my family. The water looks just like this. (I hope it still does! It’s been awhile since I visited)

eastern oregon lakes

As all of you know who’ve ever travelled long distances with really young kids – it’s not easy. Our own are a little bit older now, but when they were young, I really wish this product had been available.

It’s a folding a carry-on suitcase! It’s not inexpensive, (199.00), but what a lifesaver this is if you’re travelling across country or internationally. Your children will be so much more comfortable and rested when they arrive, and so will you.

If you’d like, you can read about it and buy it right now on Amazon, by clicking here. (Please know I will make a small commission on it, if you do buy it, but it won’t cost you extra and you can use your Amazon PRIME account for free next day shipping).

JDD_Blog-Flamingo  Pillow (3).png

JDD_Blog-Flamingo  Pillow (4).png

Now that my children are older, they love playing video games, and the NINTENDO SWITCH is the perfect vacation game. They can plug it in or go hands free when they’re on the plane or in the car or just outside with the new friends they meet when we’re travelling.

If you think your children would like to have this, too, you can purchase it on Amazon, here. Again, it’s not inexpensive, (299.00), but they love it and it provides them with hours of enjoyment.

Best Video Gaming System For TRAVEL WITH KIDS

The third must have travel essential for my kids…and me, too? Our Apple Airpods with their wireless charging cases so we all listen to our favorite music or podcasts, anywhere, anytime.

They’re 179.00 and if you think you’d like a pair or two for your own family, you can get them on Amazon now by clicking here.

Best Travel Accessory For Kids

I’d love to hear where you all are going on your summer vacations, and what you consider essential when travelling with your young children or teenagers.

And lastly, I want to thank all of my clients who might be reading this for your patience, as I take this much needed break to recharge with my family. Thank you for making it possible and I can’t wait to hear all about your own summer vacations when I return.

Jana Donohoe, ASID
Fayetteville, North Carolina

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  • Lisa Peck
    | 27 July 2019

    Have a great vacation! While my kids are older, I really enjoyed the tips. Both my children have ear pods and it has been life-changing for them…might click through and get a pair myself!

  • Janet Lorusso
    | 27 July 2019

    My kids are long since grown, but that traveling bed is genius for anyone taking long airline trips with little ones!

  • Deborah Main
    | 29 July 2019

    Oh boy, what an excellent post Jana. That photo of the lake is making me pine for our upcoming mini-vacay in Colorado. I’ve never been to Oregon but driving up the West coast is on my list.

    And boy, would these traveling items have come in handy when our kids were little. Empty Nesters now, but these are great tips for families. Have a wonderful vacation!!

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