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The world might be paused for most of us, but your DREAMS for your home are not! How many of you have been wandering around your home going from space to space wondering if you actually like that room? If you said yes, believe me when I tell you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I too have been daydreaming of changing a few spaces in my own home.

The first space that comes to mind is my living room. It’s right off my foyer and one of the first rooms you see when you come to my front door. I’ve needed a new sofa for as long as I’ve been in this house. The sofa itself is fine but way to small for the scale of the room. Unfortunately, my upholstery items are almost always custom, so getting a new sofa right now is not going to happen. Possibly in 8-10 weeks though…. That doesn’t really help now, though does it? Que staring at walls again?…. Not a chance, we may not be able to do a complete room makeover, but there is still plenty you and I can do with smaller items to refresh our spaces.

My Foyer - My living room is to the left.

My Foyer – My living room is to the left.

Let’s make lemonade

This could be the perfect time to start tackling that project you’ve been meaning to (even if just skimming the surface). Why not make some lemonade with these sour lemons? I’ll provide the sugar and the garnish. 😉
To help ease your stress levels at home, I’ve created a little round up of a few fresh spring home decor items that I think will brighten your day and home. All the items are available to ship via UPS or Fedex, so getting them to your door is hassle free and meets the stay at home orders. Just remember to sanitize the boxes before bringing them into your home.


Spring refresh for home.png

You can purchase by clicking on the links of each image, and if you do, I will make a tiny percentage of the price, which helps me pay for running this blog – and I’m thanking you in advance if you do!

I did a quick computer rendering of some like items I sourced above.


The biggest bang for your buck when it comes to a room refresh is changing out -Art, throw pillows and a new rug. This will instantly update any space and make it feel like a brand new room. Throw in a couple accessories and some fresh flowers- Voila! Refresh success you can quarantine in all summer long…jk. Revising to say you will LOVE it all summer long. 🙂

A couple things I want to share with you before you purchase art and rugs on your own. This is a major pet peeve of all designers!

  1. make sure your rug is big enough for your space! All of your furniture should sit on top of the rug. None of this floating island rug business ok? (that might be an inside designer joke!) Do not, I repeat do not do the pink rug below!

proper rug size

Now, we can talk about hanging art. I often see art hung WAY to high. Another pet peeve of designers. I’m just sayin…lol

2. Hang your new art at eye level! The middle of the artwork should be at your eye level.

Since there are several ways and arrangements to hang art I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to hanging art. Go check it out if you need some more guidance.

Since most of us are WFH, I thought I would include a couple of my favorite items I’m living in and loving right now. As comfortable as pajamas or yoga pants, yet still has an element of getting up and getting dressed for work.


Spring lounge wear.png

This jumpsuit is so incredibly comfortable, I can see myself wearing this all summer long. It can be dressed up or down. Who doesn’t love a versatile outfit? It’s one of those easy on, easy off pieces. Not the jumpsuits you get stuck in the bathroom because you can’t get the zipper up ones. This one has No Zippers and feels like silk!

Let’s talk the most comfortable pair of shoes you will ever own! Sarah Flint is an NYC based, luxury shoe brand that designs timeless, classic styles in NYC and hand crafts in small family-owned Italian factories. As a brand ambassador, I can offer you a discount of $50 off your first pair by clicking through this link and entering BAJANA50 at checkout. Your feet will not regret this decision. I promise!

Be sure to check out the Nars multi stick too. It can be used for cheeks, lips and eyes. My make up free days are dragging me down. This little stick gives me just a little make up pep in my step.

Tell me what your spring refresh plans are? Share in the comments below!

I am still here and working hard for our clients and their goals — at a distance, of course! If you or anyone you know needs additional help please reach out to me. I have added a 30 min and 1 hr virtual consultation to my services for those that just need some extra help to get it all pulled together at home.

As always, thanks for reading & subscribing to my blog – I appreciate each of you.



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Comments (15)
  • Leslie Carothers
    | 18 April 2020

    Hi Jana!

    I just love so much how you have combined fashion + decor on this post! Believe it or not, I actually have those earrings..but mine have a tiny little crystal drop added to the bottom of them.

    And that rendering is PERFECTION! Can you do those for people, too, who might want to work with you virtually right now? How much would it be if I were to send you my bookcases and have you rearrange and style them for me, virtually?

  • Lisa Peck
    | 18 April 2020

    This is a wonderful post. I know I am looking to update both my wardrobe and my home.

  • Sheri Bruneau
    | 18 April 2020

    I loved how you added in some fashion. Great tips on the area rug and hanging art!

  • Alyse Eisenberg
    | 18 April 2020

    Jana! I love this post, thank you for your wonderful tips to stay busy and productive during these hard times!

  • Wendy
    | 18 April 2020

    This blog gave me such great inspiration! That blue!!!! LOVE!!!

  • Elizabeth
    | 18 April 2020

    LOL! Jana you and I both had art and rugs on our minds this week!
    What a great post!!
    and love the spring clothes you posted!

  • Jillian
    | 18 April 2020

    Love your ideas! I need to start working on the renderings. Yours is so beautiful.

  • Christina Rodriguez
    | 18 April 2020

    Love, love, love! The rendering makes it so much easier to see the items in your space!

  • Amy Wax
    | 18 April 2020

    Loved reading your ideas (and your pet peeves were dead on!) You have definitely inspired me 🙂

  • Maria
    | 18 April 2020

    I love you post Jana, and particularly your front door and foyer! (Hits me on the blue nerve) Stunning!

  • Robin Maria Pedrero
    | 18 April 2020

    Oh the bunny pillows look like artist Hunt Slonem. Great post and love that front door!!

  • Marina V
    | 19 April 2020

    Good tips about the art and rugs. And yes, small changes can make a big impact. Thanks for sharing some of your Spring faves as well.

  • Mary Ann Benoit
    | 19 April 2020

    Great ideas, picks and beautiful rendering!

  • Janet Lorusso
    | 19 April 2020

    Perfect choices to refresh both a house and wardrobe for spring! And the rug sizes and art placement? Right up there with the wrong light bulbs on my list of the seven deadly sins of design LOL! Great post!

  • Suzi Rugg
    | 20 April 2020

    Ha yes let’s make lemonade! I love the clothing style suggestions also! Thank you!

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