Kitchen & Breakfast Nook Makeover -One Room Challenge- Week 3 & 4

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One Room Challenge

Hello and welcome to week 4. I am playing catch up from being gone all last week for the trade only furniture market in NC. So this post will cover week 3 as well. If you have been following along you have most likely seen the concept boards for the spaces. If not you can see those here.

All the product is finalized and ordered. Now I’m just waiting for it all to arrive. The next 4 weeks are going to fly by and I definitely will be hustling to the finish line.

A recap on what’s been completed so far. Yeah, it’s not a long list so this should be a short post. lol.

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I (semi) successfully installed wallpaper liner in my breakfast nook. See this wall that I am working on? Ya, I have to re-do it. This was my first attempt at ever installing wallpaper liner! Let’s just count this wall as my learning curve.

Here is what I did wrong: 1. I think I soaked the paper too long and it lost some of the paste. 2. I didn’t work fast enough before the paper started to dry up and not adhere to the wall. 3. Hanging horizontal paper in long runs really required 2 people. 4. I didn’t use my seam roller on this wall.

I noticed when it all started to dry that sections of it had bubbled and some of the seams already had begun to peel. My plan is to take this wall down. This is the wall that gets the built-ins anyway so it’s not a major setback. I will install the cabinets and come back after the shelves have been installed to re-install the liner. The rest of my breakfast nook area went great after I figured out what I did wrong on this wall.


After all the wallpaper liner went up the instructions said to prime it all. I guess maybe this just seals everything so that when I apply the wallpaper it has a smooth surface to adhere too. I used Kilz primer and my very handy Handy Paint products. If you haven’t tried these products seriously run out and get them now at your local paint or hardware store. They make painting and clean up a breeze. I have been a big fan for years! The paint liners and the magnet in the paint pail and tray that hold your paint brush are genius!


This coming week (week 5) is going to be big. I have a meeting with the carpenter who will be demoing and trimming out my kitchen island. I still need to settle on the exact color blue for this. The wallpaper and cabinets should be coming in Tuesday or Wednesday and tile for the backsplash should hopefully be in by next week. I need to work out my ceiling trim details and get that installed as well.

As always you can check out my IG for some behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, design thoughts, products coming in and other fun stuff.

There is always great design inspiration happening over at One Room Challenge be sure to check it out!


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