One Room Challenge | Week Two | Tween-Age Bedroom Makeover

One Room Challenge | Week Two | Tween-Age Bedroom Makeover

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Hello again!

It’s now week 2.5 of the One Room Challenge. Yes, I’m a little late on this post! I’m playing catch up from being gone at High Point Furniture Market last week. My clients come first so I’ve been focusing on their needs before figuring out my ORC.

I did however try to figure out my tween-age daughters room while I was at market, looking for something that I might be able to use as a jumping off point. Keeping in mind this is a Kate Spade meets Lilly Pulitzer inspired room.

After several ATTEMPTS of finding what I thought would work well for my tween daughter, I was shot down. :/ Y’all this might be the hardest room/client that I have all year!

Text message from tween

Take a look at this screen shot from a very long string of text messages back and forth that I sent my daughter with different design options. I was excited to finally see the OK, only to be shot back down 5 minutes later with the other message. LOL!

What I eventually figured out (Slow mom over here. Hello!) was that my daughter was literally wanting me to specify Lilly Pulitzer. The only problem here was that the Lilly patterns did not go well with her Kate Spade rug. So, I had to break down the images she was sending me and really dissect what she was looking for. What it basically came down to was she wanted bright colors with a tropical feel.

After I explained to her that most of the things she was sending me (straight from the PB Teen Lilly collection) would not work well with the Kate Spade rug we already own and that her room is Lilly Pulitzer inspired- it did not have to be literal. She started to understand the design concept. Bright colors with a tropical twist.

Finally a jumping off point!

My good friend Stephanie Slifer at Haven and Hue, who is my HP market and house buddy found a fun wallpaper that she thought might be cute for my daughter. (She witnessed first hand my struggles with this room)

By the way, Stephanie is also participating in the ORC over on Instagram. Follower her ORC here as she makes over her family room.

Here is an image of the fun print that was just released at market. Look closely what do you see?


Did you say Flamingos?

I instantly feel in love with this pattern for a number of reasons. 1. The flamingos are abstract so you don’t immediately see them. 2. It’s whimsical, youthful and fun. 3. I think we just found the Lilly inspired element for the room! DAUGHTER APPROVED!

Here is our plan moving forward. Bright, sophisticated yet youthful and fresh with a tropical twist!

Kate Spade meets Lilly inspired bedroom..png

My daughters room had remained untouched until yesterday when we cleaned it all out and pulled the gross carpet out.

Stayed tuned next week for the refinishing of the hardwood, the painting and more on the design plan.

Our most recent working check list:

  • Clean out bedroom ✔

  • Refinish oak hardwood floors

  • Painting ceiling and trim

  • Wallpaper ✔

  • New ceiling light fixture

  • New Lamps

  • New bedding

  • New Window Treatments

  • New artwork

  • New desk ✔

  • Desk Chair ( I might revamp a side chair I already own)

  • New night stand ✔

  • Shelving for storage

  • Organize closets

  • Possible new bed frame with storage

Join me next week and please subscribe to my blog now if you haven’t done it already to follow along and watch for my weekly progress posts in your inbox. Be sure to follow along with my instagram stories for behind the scenes sneak peeks.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my posts and leave me your comments. I appreciate it!

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