Spring 2024 One Room Challenge- Wk 2

Spring 2024 One Room Challenge- Wk 2

From Windy Woes to an indoor splash pad

What a rollercoaster ride it has been so far, and we are just getting started! So far, I’ve encountered a series of unexpected obstacles that have put this makeover to the test. From hurricane force winds knocking out the power for two days to a surprise water splash pad incident in the library that led to a call for emergency plumbing and restoration services, it’s safe to say this week has been anything but ordinary.

Despite the chaos, I managed to roll up my sleeves and dive into the project. The first order of business was tackling the painting. With determination, and some good natural light I powered through (because I had no power) and got the walls and ceiling painted in the perfect shade of moody blue, SW Silken Peacock to be exact.

Img 1504

The color sets the tone for the cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere I envision for the space. I might go on record and say this is my favorite color to date that I have ever used! It’s so pretty!

Img 1508

Next up on the agenda was starting work on the built-in bookcases. Armed with my trusty tools and a lot of coffee, I began the process of constructing the bookcases that will soon house my collection of books and cocktail essentials. It’s exciting to see the room slowly taking shape and I’m anxious to see it all come together….soon.

Img 1697
This is the platform that the base cabinets will sit on. I had to build them up because I want my baseboard to run flush in front. It doesn’t look like much now but it will look better once it’s all trimmed out.
Img 1691

Just as I was working out the cabinet/ bookcase details, this situation occurred.

Img 1703
Puppy splash pad! I was too busy panicking and soaking up water to take pictures. Here is the culprit all patched up. Ollie is of course investigating the situation.

As I reflect on the ups and downs of this week, I’m reminded of the importance of resilience and flexibility. This is my top ORC tip for you: Be flexible! Stay tuned for more updates as I continue on this whirlwind adventure of design, DIY, and unexpected twists and turns. Next week I will talk more about the design of the space.

Cheers to progress and perseverance!


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