One Room Challenge Final Reveal: Transforming an Unused Home Office into a Stunning “LiBARry”

One Room Challenge Final Reveal: Transforming an Unused Home Office into a Stunning “LiBARry”

Welcome to the grand reveal of my One Room Challenge project! Over the past eight weeks, I have been hard at work transforming an unused home office into a luxurious library and cocktail room, affectionately dubbed the “LiBARry.” Today, I’m excited to take you through the entire journey, from the initial planning stages to the final touches. Before we dive in, let’s take a moment to appreciate the before pictures of the space.


Before office

Img 1343 1

Every great design starts with a vision. For this One Room Challenge, I wanted to create a multifunctional space that combined the elegance of a traditional library with the cozy, relaxed vibe of a home cocktail lounge. I envisioned wall-to-wall bookcases filled with all our books, a sophisticated peacock blue color palette, and a chic area for enjoying cocktails, watching movies, playing games, or simply curling up with a good book.

The Vision:

Untitled Design (7)

The Big Reveal

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the final reveal! Our once-unused home office has been completely transformed into a stunning library and cocktail room. The peacock blue walls, custom bookcases, repurposed desk, elegant chandelier, and cozy nook all come together to create a space that is both functional and beautiful. It’s a room that invites you to linger, relax, and enjoy.

Choosing the right color was crucial for setting the tone of the room. I decided on a stunning peacock blue (SW Silken Peacock) that is both bold and calming. Painting the room was a transformative step that made the space feel more cohesive and brought the vision to life. The rich color added depth and sophistication to the room, making it the perfect backdrop for our library and cocktail lounge.

Instead of buying all new furniture, I decided to repurpose an old desk I already owned (this was apart of my ORC back in 2019?, I think). With a bit of sanding, a new fun paint color (SW Emberglow), and some new hardware, the desk was given a new lease on life. It now serves as a chic centerpiece in the room, providing a stylish spot for writing or working on a laptop. I still have some ottomans that need re-upholstering. One will go under the desk. I also used my velvet sofa that I had in my office back in NC. I opted not to have it reupholstered because its still in great condition. Would I have liked a velvet the same color as my walls…you bet! I purchased a new rug, game table and game chairs for the space.

Jana Donohoe Library 2024 22
Sources: Pillows, backgammon, Shelf Artwork-Inquire with me

One of the most significant projects in the library design was constructing the wall-to-wall bookcases from scratch. I wanted custom shelves that fit the space perfectly and could hold all our books. It was a challenging but rewarding process!

Jana Donohoe Library 2024 15

To add a touch of elegance and a speakeasy vibe, my electrician installed this gorgeous chandelier by Alora Mood. This piece not only provides beautiful ambient lighting but also serves as a focal point in the room. The chandelier perfectly complements the sophisticated atmosphere I aimed to create!

Jana Donohoe Library 2024 30

Every great library needs a cozy nook. I created a comfortable seating area with my plush sofa nestled between two bookcases, making it an inviting spot to relax with a book, watch a movie or enjoy a cocktail. Speaking of cocktail, every great cocktail lounge has a great bartender. That is exactly what I got. The Bartesian is without a doubt one good bartender! (Think Nespresso but for cocktails) This room has quickly became one of my favorite parts of my house, offering a perfect blend of comfort and style.

Jana Donohoe Library 2024 8
Source: Succulent

Jana Donohoe Library 2024 31

Img 2583
This lamp arrived after the photoshoot. I absolutely love it. It fits the room perfectly. Source: Lamp by Alora Mood

Thank you to my sponsors: Alora Mood, Cg Hunter, Bartesian, and Frame it Easy.

Participating in the One Room Challenge is always an incredible experience. We are thrilled with the result and hope all the amazing transformations this spring inspires you to tackle projects in your home. Whether you’re dreaming of a library, a cocktail room, or another unique space, remember that with a bit of planning, creativity, hard work, an interior designer (wink, wink) anything is possible. I still have a few things that I need to do to complete the room like install the drapes when they come in and re-upholster 2 little ottoman/stools. I’ll keep you updated as I get those in!

Thank you for following along with my One Room Challenge. We can’t wait to hear what you think of our new LiBARry!



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